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Here is everything you need to get started to build your very own ISO27001:2022 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) today! 


We are giving you all the policies, procedures and registers you need to start on your journey PLUS we're throwing in a copy of our 'Real Easy Guide to ISO27001' (available on Amazon for £19.97), for zero cost.


For example, this pack includes;

  • 10 Policies, including;
    • Information Security Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Back-Up Policies 
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Incident Response Processes
  • Supplier Register
  • Legal and regulatory Register
  • Asset Register
  • Statement Of Applicability
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Treatment Methodology
  • Internal Audit Schedule
  • Internal Audit Results 
  • Supplier Register


And many more.


Note, that we have used these tools to help over 200 businesses, and each one is now running a successful ISMS.


We hope you find these tools useful, but if you find that you still need our assistance, then contact us as, and book in a FREE 1hr Q&A session where we can answer your questions.


Our approach to the ISMS 

Consultants Like Us recognise that sometimes you might just want to do this yourself, and we applaud that!  The tools we provide will give you what you need to get started and become ISO27001:2022 certified.


Our hope is that over time, as you develop your ISMS you might get in touch with us for additional help or advice. But it's not always necessary, and you may find that you never need to speak to us.  If that happens, then we are equally happy that we have done what we set out to do, which is to help people become more secure.

ISO-Easy Essential Took Kit

  • Hey, we're not going to go all 'legal' on you here... that's not our style. But this is our Intellectual Property, and we'd prefer it if you didn't go sharing this with other people who haven't spent the money and bought a copy.

    Of course, we can't really stop you... But are you that kind of person? We don't think you are. So if you want to tell people about your new found super power of ISO27001-Awesomeness, great... just don't give it away for free!

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