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About us

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We are not your typical Cybersecurity Consultants

Have you noticed that when you visit this kind of page, you leave with a vague notion of what the business is about?

If  you take nothing else from this page, know just this; 

We are ISO27001 specialists who help you become certified AND secure.

Lee with a small cuddly teddy bear sat on his shoulder.

Who We Are

We love what we do and it shows. We have over 55 years experience in Cybersecurity between us, and have worked with small businesses, through to large multinationals... Blah blah blah. You know the deal; We know what we're doing when it comes to ISO27001, Cybersecurity and Data Protection!

But if you're reading this, then what you REALLY want to know is what we're all about... so take a look at our values and see if these match with yours. If they do, then you might like working with Consultants Like Us. If not... we can still help you and show you how to use Google to find someone who can help. 😁

Our Values are central to who we are

No corporate BS here! These are not some empty buzz words dreamt up on a team 'away day'.


Every day we challenge each other to demonstrate;


With our clients and ourselves. If we can't help you, we will tell you. If we're not the right consultants for you, we'll let you know.

We know you want that honesty, and you deserve it.


We are creators and innovators who are willing to challenge the status quo. We see ourselves as a 'product' and look for marginal gains in everything we do.  We seek Excellence in everything we do and hold each accountable to it. As Tom Peters says "If Not Excellence, What? If Not Excellence Now, When?" But it's important to say that we also embrace failures, because failing also offers an opportunity to learn.

Gary with a cuddly bear sat on his shoulder.


We share our knowledge generously in and outside our industry because we love what we do! Some have accused us of giving away 'too much', but we don't believe in such a thing. Don't like it? Respectfully, you know where the door is 😁



We care about what we do. We see the difficulties others face, and we want to help. 


We care that you're spending hard-earned money on our services, and we want to make sure you get the most value out of it - that's why we're not a 'tick box' consultancy. If you want to do that; Here's a box... enjoy. ⏹️. Feel more secure? No? Thought not.


We care about the people we work with. Our people come first EVERY time, and they and their families are considered when we make business decisions. 

Because we care, we are fierce listeners! Listening is central to what we do and central to being a great Consultant.


Having fun is a serious business! We encourage Consultants Like Us to be creative and have fun with what we do. Being free to be creative, and have fun allows us to explore new ideas and improvements in information security, and ISO27001. Some of our best ideas come when we're just 'playing' with different ways of doing things.


We also want to enjoy what we do. Even though what we do can be quite serious and studious,  we don't don't take ourselves too seriously. Life is hard enough without us making it difficult. If it's not fun,  you should probably stop doing it.


Interested in working with Consultants Like Us? Click on the 'Get in touch' for an informal chat, or view our services to see what we can do for you.

Office Coffee Break

“You actually made the process [of getting ISO27001 certified] easy, interesting and fun! I didn't think that was even possible!”

Head of Compliance, London, UK

Design Studio

“We need more Consultants Like You! People who aren't afraid to challenge the norm and really give something that is practical and pragmatic."

CTO, Leeds, UK

A trophy

Award Winning

Gary is the one with the Awards cabinet! Over the years he has won 'BCM Personality of the year' (2014)... which is apprarently a real thing!


He has also been a runner up for the 'Cybersecurity Personality Awards', which I think means he has a smaller personality than someone else?!


He has also been a judge for the National Cyber Security Awards and this year (2022) is entering 

A scholars' board is often worn in universities.

Authentic Leadership
(i.e. We write stuff)

We are regularly asked to write for international organisations, or speak at their conferences. 


We have contributed to books and articles which offer commentary on the state of our digital universe, or on standards like ISO27001.


Gary is known as the 'Professor of Communicating Cyber', and is an Executive in Residence at Sheffield Hallam University

A winners rosette

Quality Guaranteed

Do you really want to know more about us?

Well, the best approach is to call us and lets chat.

But if you're shy, you can still take a look at our profiles on LinkedIn and see what we talk about and our approach.

Lee Scorey

Gary Hibberd

Busy office space.

Clients we have helped

1505, and counting





Years Experience

Too Many!!!

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