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Riding on a crest of a wave - Team Ithaca

Challenges and Challengers

Have you ever been on a rowing machine? You know, the kind you find in the gym.

Maybe you’ve actually been rowing in an ACTUAL boat, on water.

How long did you last? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour?!

Congratulations to you if you lasted longer than 30 minutes. Rowing is not easy.

But what would you think, if I asked you to row for 2hrs straight, have 2hrs sleep, then do it all over again… for 50 days straight!

You’d probably think I had lost my mind. Who would do such a thing?

Allow me to introduce you to Team Ithaca. A group of tremendous women breaking records and smashing limitations!

What are they doing?

This all female crew are taking on the World’s Toughest Row, between June 4th and July 24th, in an epic 2,000 mile circumnavigation of Great Britain, which is part of the GB Row Challenge.

They are rowing continuously and unsupported and, if successful, will be the first team of six, male or female, to have completed the feat!

They will have to contend with fast-turning tides, unpredictable UK weather, a rocky coastline and busy shipping areas.

In short, this is a greater test of physical and mental endurance, strength and skill than any trans-ocean rowing event has to offer.

If this wasn’t enough…

To increase momentum in the fight against plastic pollution and through a partnership with the University of Portsmouth, their boat has been specially modified to collect data on microplastics, sound pollution, salinity, temperature and even traces of marine biology through DNA samples.

The data will be used to assess the environmental damage and long-term impact of pollutants in our seas and oceans, contributing to the largest dataset of its kind for UK seas.

The result of the research (which will take around 6mths to complete) will be provided by government policymakers, who will use the data and research obtained to set new laws related to waste disposal and fuels and lubricants used in engineering.

Why are we telling you this?

Lee was introduced to Emma Haxell, one of the rowers, by a family member and hearing what they were attempting, he knew we should be involved in some way. From that moment, we agreed to sponsor the team to help them achieve their goal and raise even more money for a cancer charity (a disease close to all our hearts).

In the process of learning more about the team, we also discovered that Amy Wood, a member of the team, is a Cybersecurity specialist who works in the aviation sector, making sure we are all safe and sound when flying around the world and playing a large part in establishing the UK as Europe’s first launching state; sending satellites into orbit from mainland Britain… Oh… and she’s from Yorkshire!

Why we decided to sponsor the team

Everything they do speaks to our values; generosity, entrepreneurship, caring, and fun! They show these values in abundance! They also demonstrate what you can achieve if you have a clear objective in mind, a strategy supported by tactics and operations that make it all come to life!

But it’s more than this. Their leadership, teamwork, passion, discipline, and bravery are nothing short of inspirational!

Anchors away!

In truth, they didn’t need an anchor, but Lee and I were lucky enough to go and meet the whole team as they set off on their epic journey from London Bridge on the Thames, and we were joined by hundreds of family, friends, supporters and well wishers, all cheering them on the start of their journey.

You can find more on their site here if you’d like to know more about the team, here.

In 50 days, they will return to the Thames after rowing non-stop for 2,000 miles. It will be an emotional homecoming for all concerned, and Consultants Like Us will be proud to be one of many who will be there to cheer them on to a hero's welcome.

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