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“It’s official! We are proud sponsors of the Leeds’ table-topping Ice Hockey team; the Leeds Knights. And we could not be more excited to be part of this amazing sport and team!


But wait… why would a Cybersecurity company sponsor an Ice Hockey team? Well firstly, we love what we do, but there is more to us than Cybersecurity.

There's more to this team and sport than meets the eye...

The Values

Consultants Like Us are all about working hard, loving what you do and having fun doing it! The Leeds Knights have the same passion for Ice Hockey, that we have for Cyber Security.


From the moment we met Warwick Andrews, the MD of the Leeds Knights, it was obvious that this was a professional team who were going places! We want to be associated with a team and sport that is exciting to be around and puts their fans first!


Speaking about the sponsorship, Warwick described us as "Cybersecurity with Personality" and said...


"Gary and Lee came to a networking event we hosted and their enthusiasm to be involved with the team and for what we are developing at the club aligned perfectly.


It was like kindred spirits meeting! Gary held a great passion for our sport, and when we were able to offer a sponsorship package that resonated with his previous experience, we couldn’t have been happier to work on helping them celebrate our new partnership. "


The History

Gary has been a long-time fan of Ice Hockey, and many (many) years ago closely followed the Sheffield Steelers. At the time, their top player was Ron Shudra, a player of immense talent and ability… Fast forward to today, and we are not only sponsoring The Leeds Knights but also Tate Shudra, the youngest son of Ron! Another talented player with incredible drive and passion for the sport.  Yes, it makes us feel old(!) But it also makes us incredibly pleased to support someone with such an incredible Hockey heritage.


The Future

Ice Hockey is well supported in the UK, and its popularity is growing in Leeds. We want to be part of that support network, not only of the team but helping to educate sponsors and supporters about Cybersecurity.


Warwick and his team are building a great business community, and we’re excited to be part of it. 


You can expect to see us at some of the upcoming games and host a few ‘Knights at the Castle’! 


Who knows… we might invite you along too!

Click here if you would like to know more about the Leeds Knights and upcoming fixtures.

Gary and Leo the Leeds Knight
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