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Are you struggling to find a way to engage with your team? Have you thought about creating a newsletter, but you're struggling for content?


Don't worry. We've got your back!


Here we provide FREE newsletters on a monthly basis to inspire or use as you see fit. 

All we ask is that you share a link on social media. You never know who you might be helping (and it's nice to be nice!) 😎

Cup Magic Trick



It's important to talk about 'phishing' and what the risks are. This months newsletter gives your teams an introduction to the topic, with some helpful insights on Ransomware...

And why is it called 'Bluetooth' anyway?!



How do you explain what a 'DDOS' attack is? Well, with the help of Taylor Swift, our February newsletter does just that.

Oh... and remember that February is the month of 'love'! 🥰

Love is Love
Co-working space



Let's start the conversation about Social Engineering and help educate your teams on what to look out for.


And did you know that Al Cappone (yeah, the Gangster!) was a victim of a con too?!



Coming soon... (a bit too soon if you ask us?!)

Do you have a topic you'd like us to cover? Let us know here, and perhaps we'll make it the focus of our next months 'Threat Detective' Newsletter.

Suggestions for content

Thanks for submitting this suggestion. Check back next month to see if we've included it!

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